How to Build a Trollbeads Memory Bracelet

Posted by Lisa Yonkin on

"Building your own unique memory bracelet is fun and special!

Starting with a bracelet you like, just add a lock, and then begin choosing and adding beads and charms that represent things, places, or people important to you; that evoke happy memories; that are suggestive of your interests, passions, or personality traits; or that simply strike your fancy!

I happened upon my personal bracelet by accident while shopping for a birthday gift from my sister in 2006 in Ohio.

First, I decided on a size -- measuring my wrist and adding one inch (shop bracelets). Then I picked out the Large Flower Lock (shop locks). Next came the beads, including Snails in Love, Thumbelina, Amethyst, my first initial (“L”), and Happy Fish. Later, I added Happy Universe, Deck of Cards, silver and gold Flowers, Crazy Lace Agate, Purple Pearls, Pax, Silver Wisdom, Space, Pastel Shadow, Stars, and the original Pink Prism (shop beads).

A bracelet can usually hold 14 to 16 beads, but even just one or two can be meaningful, make a statement, or begin to start your story.

Before you know it, your bracelet will become a unique reflection of you and your journey through life...a totally unique reminder of the special people, special times, special loves, beautiful places, thoughts, pets, or memories that you will always want to have near you!"

~ Lisa Yonkin

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